Red Creek Off-Road offers a range of accommodations for a Group or Just You!

Cabin Price/per night       Reg      Event  Bed Rooms Bathrooms Capacity
The Lodge $265        $318 3 2.5 6-10
New Cottage $245        $294 3 2 11-12
Old Cottage $173        $208 2 1 5-6
Bungalows 1&2 $128        $154 1 1 4-6
Lake House $335        $400 5 3.5 15-20
Red Cabin $140        $165 1 1 2-4
Mud Huts 1&2 $102        $123 2 1 5-6
Mud Hut Deluxe $143        $172 3 1 6-8
Sandy Hut $173        $208 3 2 6-8
Bunkhouse 1, 2, & 3 $100        $120 1 1 4-6





Cardinal Hut $140        $165 3 1 4-8
RC #15 $130        $156 2 2 2-4
Camper 1 $100        $120 2 1 5-7





We do allow weekday cabin rentals also. Please call for weekday availability

**All cabins have a two night minimum. Each cabin also has a 9 day cancellation policy. You must cancel 9 days prior to your arrival date.

Cabin Availability: As of 06/12/2019

June 14th Weekend 2019: New Cottage, Old Cottage,  Bungalow #1,  Bungalow #2, Lake House,  Mud Hut #2, Mud Hut Deluxe, Cardinal Hut, RC #15, and All RV Sites

June 21st Weekend 2019: Camper 1, RC 15, and All RV Sites

June 28th Weekend 2019: Bungalow #1, Mud Hut #1, Mud Hut #2, Mud Hut Deluxe, Cardinal Hut, RC 15, Camper 1, and All RV sites

July 5th Weekend 2019:  Bungalow #1, Bungalow #2, Mud Hut #2, RC 15, Camper #1, and All RV sites

July 12th Weekend 2019: PARTY AT THE PONDS: All cabins are reserved, and only a few RV sites available

July 19th Weekend 2019: Bungalow #1, Bungalow #2, Lake House, Mud Hut #1, Mud Hut #2, Mud Hut Deluxe, RC 15, Camper 1, and all RV sites.

July 26th Weekend 2019: Old Cottage, Bungalow #1, Bungalow #2, Cardinal Hut, RC15, Camper #1, and All RV Sites

You can call 601-945-5055 for any information on all 2019 reservations! All Event Dates are subject to change. 



Cabin Rules:

  1. Anyone from your group who is caught in the creek, on the black top/ side of the blacktop road or anywhere beyond the NO ATVS BEYOND THIS POINT signs, will cause an automatic forfeiture of your lodging and riding fees and the entire group to be asked to leave.
  2. It is your responsibility to inform us of the correct number of people staying with you at the Lodge including their bikes. Your credit card will be charged double for anyone who is caught that hasn’t signed in prior to unloading.
  3. Check-in starts at 11 am, any Check in(s) after 9pm will be charged a $20/ an hour Late Check- in Fee.   Check-out is at 11 am.
  4. There is NO smoking in the cabin there will be a $100 fee charged to your card, if evidence is found.
  5. There are NO pets in the cabin there will be a $100 fee charged to your card, if evidence is found.
  6. The cost of any missing, stained or torn sheets, comforters or quilts will be charged to your credit card.
  7. Dishes must be done, floors swept & trash in can outside before you leave.
  8. Please do not move the furniture around. The beds especially are too heavy for the cleaning lady to move back in place.
  9. Please move the a/c switch to the off position when you leave.
  10. Please leave light over kitchen sink on when you leave.
  11. There will be a $25.00 charge if a piece of carpet is left on premises.
  12. Any minors coming without a parent/legal guardian must have a notarized waiver form signed by their parent/legal guardian.
  13. Riding fees are not included in the price of the cabin.
  14. Sleeping over the capacity of the cabin will be extra charge of $5/a person/a night (2 under the age of 10 are allowed without additional charge).


Prices are subject to change during special events, including cabins,  and entry fees


We wanted to put together a quick video of a few of our cabins in the park. Call or message for reservations!

Posted by Red Creek Off Road on Tuesday, August 29, 2017



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