Rules & FAQ


  1. NO MOTORIZED VEHICLES OF ANY KIND are allowed in Red Creek, on sand bars, public right-of-ways or US Forest Lands. (This is a federal law!)
  2. Red Creek Off-Road is located in a DRY County, therefore ALCOHOL IS NOT ALLOWED.
  3. No one is allowed to possess any dangerous or controlled substances including, but not limited to firearms and explosives within the park.
  4. Those under the age of 18 MUST present a notarized waiver form signed by a parent or LEGAL guardian, if parent or LEGAL guardian is not present to sign in the presence of a park staff member. Parent/legal guardian must closely supervise minors.
  5. DO NOT LITTER! Place litter in an appropriate trash receptacle or “Pack It In, Pack It Out”.
  6. Please tread Lightly on main park roads and be aware that Red Creek is a nationally designated Scenic River.
  7. Do not remove or destroy trees, shrubs, plants or animals. We want them to remain for everyone to enjoy.
  8. Tree straps must always be used.
  9. NO HUNTING is allowed in the park.
  10. Fires only allowed at campsite. Please do not leave unattended!
  11. Registration is from 10 am until 9 pm on Fridays, 8 am until 6 pm on Saturdays, and 9 am until 4 pm on Sundays, except on special events promoted by Red Creek Off Road Park.
  12. All Off-Road Vehicle drivers and riders should follow the manufacture’s safe operating procedures.
  13. Passengers are allowed in SUVs, but must sign a Release and Waiver of Liability Form, and must also wear their seat belt at all times while in the vehicle. Anyone not signing a waiver is considered a trespasser and will be prosecuted!
  14. All SUVs must have a fully enclosed metal cab and/or roll bar protection, functioning safety belts, working four wheel drive systems, frame mounted (not welded) tow hooks that are appropriately rated for the vehicle’s weight for recovery purposes, and must be in good and safe mechanical operating condition.
  15. Please be courteous of other drivers and park employees on and off trails.
  16. Everyone rides at their own risk. Know your limitations and do not exceed the capabilities of your vehicle.
  17. Failure to comply with the above rules, regulations and safe operating procedures can result in your being temporarily or permanently banned from using the park or participating in any future park activities or events.
  18. The park is neither liable nor responsible for damage, loss, or theft of personal property or injury to visitors. If you are not willing to assume responsibility for yourself, your equipment or your children, please do not come to the park.
  19. All vehicles must operate in a manner to avoid incidents and/or accidents while in the park.
  20. NO GLASS CONTAINERS are allowed in the park. This is a danger for kids and adults. It is also a risk to tires.
  21. Absolutely NO FIREARMS will be allowed on the premises.
  22. Please be sure that your ORV has the appropriate equipment needed to operate on the rough terrain in the park.
  23. There will be NO toleration for fighting. Any violation of this rule will result in a $100.00 park fine, being banned from the property and being arrested.
  24. Any off-road vehicle operating after 9 pm must have stock type mufflers installed on bikes and be reasonably quite. The only exception to this rule is for racing bikes during scheduled park events. Consideration of neighbors and campers in park is a must!

Events and Reservations

  1. Reservations for event weekends can be made by calling 601.945.5055 and paying $100 deposit.
  2. Please visit the events page for upcoming events
  3. Any reservations made for cabins with arrival dates  will require a $100 non-refundable deposit towards the total price of the cabin by Visa or MasterCard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is camping at Red Creek Off-Road?
A: Primitive camping at Red Creek Off-Road is $5 /  per night per person and is free to children 10 & under accompanied by a parent. Camping is permitted anywhere out of traffic areas.

Q: What are the hours at Red Creek Off-Road?
A: Hours are 10 AM to 9 PM every Friday;  Saturday  8 AM to 6 PM;  Sunday 9AM to 4 PM.  We do allow riding after hours if you check in during normal business hours. Camping is allowed on Friday & Saturday nights.

Q: What kind of vehicles are allowed at Red Creek Off-Road?
A: 4×4 Vehicles, ATVs, MX Bikes, ATCs, Dune Buggies, Go-Carts, and pretty much any other type of off-road vehicle.

Q: Is there anywhere for MX Bikes to ride at Red Creek Off-Road?
A: The trails are good for riding MX Bikes. The adult track is good for people who like lots of sand. The MX track is great for MX Bikes. It is a clay sand mix. However, since it was hardly used, the track has not been kept up. All of the hills are rutted from ATV’s using it. We apologize for this.

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